Iphone X cost $370 to make
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Boldly going where no mark-up has gone before

While the Tame Apple Press is trying to convince you that the iPhone X is packed full of new technology, it appears that it only cost Jobs’ Mob $100 extra to make.

Forrester forecasts cloud for 2018
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So the same as 2017 then

Number crunchers at Forrester have been shuffling their tarot cards and reached the conclusion that the cloud will be even bigger in 2018.

Google working out how to kill Intel's ME
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Wants to close a security hole

Google has said that it is looking at ways to shut down Intel's Management Engine (ME) technology.

Toshiba looks for more cash
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Lend us a fiver until payday?

Toshiba is still desperate for cash to avoid a possible delisting and is considering raising $5.3 billion by offering new shares in a third-party allotment.

Rudd demands social networks censor extremist speech
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Thinks AI will sort it all out

Britain’s top internal security official is pressing social media companies to devise automatic systems to spot and block violent militant messaging before it is posted on their networks.

Alphabet backs moves to out political advert buyers
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Curtail “foreign abuse and influence” in elections.

Google has told US election regulators ithat it “strongly supports” tightening rules on online political advertising to stop foreign powers gaming US elections.

iPhone X can’t handle British winter
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Expensive phone freezes

British Apple fanboys who emptied their bank accounts to buy Apple’s hugely overpriced gadget are finding that it cannot handle the cold British weather.

Apple will invent Google Glass by 2020
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Will not plug it into the iPhone because it might not be around

Fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple is going to invent Google Glass by 2020, but sees it as a device which will not connect to a phone.

One percent of Wikipedia editors control most of the content
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So much for democracy

New figures confirm that Wackypedia is controlled by a tiny clique of editors who enforce their views on the world.

Toshiba sees 76 percent jump in Q2 operating profit
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Unfortunately, thanks to the bit it wants to sell

Toshiba reported a 76 percent jump in second quarter operating profit on thanks to strong performance from its memory chip unit.