iPhone 6S A9 processor gets to 1.8GHz
Published in Processors
18 September 2015

 China's regulatory agency says so, so it must be true

Last year's iPhone was shipping with 20nm Apple A8 processor clocked at two times 1.4GHz and now it seems that the A9 works at two times 1.8 GHz. 

Amazon launches the new Fire TV
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17 September 2015

Mediatek MT8173 SoC, Alexa and 4K/UHD support

In addition to three new Fire tablets, Amazon has updated its Fire TV box that can, according to Amazon, do everything that Apple TV can, and more.

Amazon's US $49.99 Fire tablet launched
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17 September 2015

7-inch tablet with quad-core 1.3GHz SoC

In addition to the two new Fire HD tablets, Amazon has unveiled its newest budget tablet, the 7-inch Amazon Fire.

Amazon announces new Fire HD tablets
Published in Notebooks
17 September 2015

Mediatek scores a big win

Amazon has just unveiled three new tablets as a part of its new Fire series, including the Fire HD, the Fire and the Fire Kids Edition tablets.

Amazon Improved the Fire Tablets
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17 September 2015

The sizes are increasing, pricing still affordable.

It's time for Amazon to launch the updated family of Fire tablets and boy are they ever. There are now a six-incher, and 7, 8 and a 10.1 inch version. The interface is more logical and content deals are better than ever.

Google Glass Refuses To Die
Published in Wearables
17 September 2015

The silly project rebranded Aura.

Google is known for throwing a hundred things up in the air and just seeing which ones learn to fly. The company has over the years launched and killed off a number of software and web products. Google Glass definitely deserves to die, but it's been given an extended lease on life.

MSI unveils the new GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk graphics card
Published in Graphics
17 September 2015

Hybrid-cooled GTX 980 Ti, courtesy of Corsair

MSI has announced yet another Geforce GTX 980 Ti graphics card, the hybrid-cooled MSI GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk developed in cooperation with Corsair.

Geforce experience beta allows local co-operation
Published in Games
17 September 2015

Game stream co-op lets you share

The Gamestream co-op and it lets you share the game with another player over the internet. It is unclear if the other player has to own the game and have it installed or not. 

Cortana refuses to work for Nadella
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17 September 2015

Got on better with Ballmer

Cortana might be pretty good at its job but it seems that it folds whenever the boss is around. In fact, it not only folds it shows him up completely.

McAfee calls a holy war on Bible Apps
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17 September 2015

Going after the Bible Belt vote

Presidential hopeful John McAfee may not be trying to hawk his security software any more, but he can still scare the hell out of christian sysadmins.