Intel reportedly subsidizing SoFIA 3G chips
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Honestly, who didn’t see this coming?

Intel is said to be offering a subsidy for every single SoFIA-based device churned out by Chinese white-box outfit. 

Krzanich: Windows 10 won’t fuel PC sales
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Intel CEO sceptical

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich does not expect the launch of Windows 10 to boost PC sales. 

Asus smartphone push centred on unlocked phones
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2 years a slave no more

Asus is churning out more smartphones than ever, but unlike established smartphone brands, it is going after the contract-free market rather than carrier sweetheart deals.

Xiaomi reportedly shifting to MediaTek in high-end phones
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Helio X20 may be getting a huge design win 

Xiaomi, one of China’s premiere tech companies, is said to be eyeing MediaTek’s new Helio X20 application processor for its flagship phones. 

Xiaomi accessory push is getting out of control
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Chinese giant has a lot of fans, literally

When Xiaomi announced plans to launch accessories shops in western markets, we assumed the Chinese giant would focus on smartphone kit. However, since then, the company has gone into overdrive to launch loads of cool looking and quite odd hardware. 

MediaTek Labs targets developed and emerging markets
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First products quietly trickling out

MediaTek Labs is stepping up efforts to enlist more software and hardware partners. 

Intel SoFIA Atom x3-C3130 tips up in Chinese tablet
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Going cheap, very cheap

Intel officially announced the first batch of SoFIA products earlier this year, promising to deliver them sometime in the second quarter. The first products appear to be trickling out, with no fanfare or hype.

Apple Watch BOM estimated at $81.20
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Friday, 01 May 2015 08:48

Apple Watch BOM estimated at $81.20

Tim Cook, we salute you

The Apple Watch has a bill of material (BOM) cost of just over $80, which is not bad for a device retailing at $350+. 

Snapdragon 810 throttling issues examined
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Thursday, 30 April 2015 08:54

Snapdragon 810 throttling issues examined

Fire-breathing Snapdragon fails to keep up

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 became a subject of controversy even before it shipped in commercial devices, and new research illustrates what caused the issues. 

ARM reveals more Cortex-A72 info, promises excellent efficiency
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50% more efficient than Cortex-A15 on same node

ARM has revealed a few interesting figures about the upcoming Cortex-A72 core, promising to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance.